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We paint with light! – since 2001 – Stephan Laub and Sabine Laub with their team have the passion for designing and creating beautiful visuals and inspiring moods.

Based in Vienna (HQ),  Innsbruck, Hard at the Bodensee, and Brooklyn/NY, we love to create visions of digital space and architecture. We offer the full bandwidth of Visual Arts –  still images, animations, 360 degree VR solutions, hand drawings, CI / Brand design / 2D print graphics, architectural competitions, and real estate webpages. All marketing services from one hand. is a division of the well known LAUBlab Alpha GmbH, with its HQ in Vienna/Austria [also known as original creators of the world wide used V-RayforC4D render engine, now @ CHAOS Software].

Competition images

Project presentations

Project marketing Visuals

Test images during the design process

Animations, movies, “moving images”

architectural web pages

VR for presentations

VR for design process support

Web, print, stereo headset/vr output

Marketing Visualization (Images, Animations, VR)

Project presentations

Visuals for webpages

Real estate webpages

Project logo designs, print & folder design

construction panel design

Project Webpages

Marketing Texts, product branding

Animations, Movies, 3.5 D

360 Degree and Stereo VR

Images & Animations for product marketing

Project presentations

support during design process

Visuals for webpages

Product webpages

Project logo designs, print & folder design

Marketing Texts, product branding

Animations, Movies, 3.5 D

360 Degree and Stereo VR


Through the entire process, we love to work very close with our clients. We are convinced that direct communication is the key for a successful workflow and project.


Some work samples | recent and also history/old ones:


In addition to the core team, we also have following co workers as part of the & (plugin development and 3d assets) team:

Manuela Echeverria (sales),  Igor Schulz (or main c++ developer for C4D plugins), Anton Goroh (Web, IT)

We feel at home and work at the places we love, Vienna - Innsbruck & Bed Stuy/Brooklyn.

Office Vienna

Prinz Eugen Straße 30-3 | 1040 Vienna-Austria

Studio Innsbruck

Sonnenstraße  30 | 6020 Innsbruck

Studio New York

713A Madison Street | Brooklyn, NY 11221, United States